We are identical twin sisters living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. We love to do all the things many of our fellow women love to do – cook, eat, shop, stay active – and have a passion for sharing our experiences. The two of us work closely together in our family’s fourth-generation business, and have spent many of airplane rides and workday breaks chatting about new recipes or exercise classes we have tried, mindfulness techniques, or new products or local businesses we have discovered.

We love living in California and exploring all the  the region has to offer. But, these opportunities also come with some growing pains: long commutes, housing crisis, and the all around race to the top. Our goal in starting this blog is to share how we are making it work (and sometimes not work!) working and living on the Peninsula. Our posts will include things like nourishing, cost-efficient recipes that don’t take hours to prepare, tips for mindfulness and meditation, information on Bay Area happenings and local spots, as well as act as a forum for our community to discuss what they are doing to make it work.